Non-input HID device driver

I've written a "non-input HID" driver that sits alongside the mouse/keyboard/joystick/etc driver for handling devices that don't create regular type/code events. It provides a means for browsing the HID report tables from user code as well as querying the table values. This effort is done on top of the linux-usb project as well as the input drivers project. To test out the code, I've written a user-mode program similar to "powerd" that monitors the status of a UPS device. I've also included code for traversing the report descriptors of a HID device. The following files are available:

Kernels 2.4.5 and later

The reason that I haven't published later versions of the patch is that it's been picked up in Alan Cox's patches to the Linux kernel (the "ac" patches). While this is not "stable" in the classic sense, I've found them quite usable and reliable. The version of the patch available in the "ac" releases is later than my patches, and reflects the efforts of the HID maintainer (Vojtech Pavlik) in assimilating the hiddev work into his greater effort. I expect a later version of the "mainline" kernel to pick up this code at some point.


To enable this addition:

The Hiddev interface

The hiddev driver provides its functionality by providing a special device (mknod /dev/usb/hid/hiddevN c 180 96+N) which ioctl() and read() can be called on to provide the following functionality:


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